Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Crash victim was beaten


Killed in crash: Nerrel Nandalal

Donstan Bonn

SELF-EMPLOYED Nerrel Nandanlal died three days after he was involved in a car crash.

But his mother is not convinced that her son’s fatal head injuries were caused in the accident.

Krishendaye Nandanlal has provided evidence to police that her 39-year-old son was severely beaten at a bar in Princes Town last Friday night.

The father of one lost control of his black Nissan B-12 car and crashed as he was driving home at around 2.30 a.m. on Saturday.

He was taken to San Fernando General Hospital where he died in the Intensive Care Unit on Tuesday night.

An autopsy found that Nandanlal died from brain injuries.

However, his mother told the Express: “My son and a woman went to a bar in Princes Town. They went in separate vehicles, and when my son arrived, the woman’s ex-boyfriend began beating him. He took a spanner and beat him on his head. The woman went outside and smashed my son’s windscreen.”

Nandanlal, 60, said her son called a friend and told him of the incident.

 “He told his friend they beat him and smash his windscreen and he was coming home. He never reached,” she said.

The father of one was driving along Bhagwantie Trace, New Grant when he lost control of his car and struck a light pole. 

Nandanlal said a man has confessed to police that he was involved in a fight with her son.

 “People said my son was being chased by the man when he lost control of the car and crashed into the light pole. My son driving since he was 17 and never once had an accident. His eye was bleeding when paramedics came. I believe piece of the glass burst his eye and caused him to lose control,” she said.

Nandanlal is appealing for a thorough investigation into her son’s death. 

“I don’t want any compensation, I want justice for my child. I understand the woman is out of the country. I want someone to be held accountable for my son’s death,” she said.

Police confirmed a report that Nandanlal was involved in a brawl at a bar before his death. However, investigators were unable to say whether enquiries were continuing into the fight. 

“At this time the accident is being investigated,” the Express was told.