Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cut led to massive blood loss


seeking justice: Quelly Ann Cottle and her husband, Emil Millington, at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Champs Fleurs yesterday where they received the final autopsy report on their baby, Simeon. —Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

Mark Fraser

The cut on baby Simeon’s head caused massive blood loss which led him to go into shock and die, according to the findings of a final autopsy report.

On March 1, Quelly Ann Cottle underwent a Caesarean section at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital, during which her seven-month-two-week-old baby was delivered.

During the surgery, the specialist surgeon cut into the baby’s scalp, penetrating the brain tissue. 

The doctor has since been suspen­ded, pending the outcome of an independent probe.

The final autopsy report compiled by pathologist Dr Chunilal Ramjit was given to Cottle and her husband, Emil Millington, yesterday at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Champs Fleurs.

The Express obtained a copy of the report from the family, and according to the summary of opinion on the cause of death, the cut to baby Simeon’s head was listed as the main reason for his death.

The report stated the cause of death was due to:

1. Status—post lower-segment Caesarian section (LSCS) with Latrogenic laceration to scalp with a) penetrating injury to right parietal bone with 1) lace­ration to right parietal lobe of brain 2) massive blood loss with hypovolaemic shock.

2. Prematurity with severe intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR).

The baby weighed 840 grammes.

The report stated the length of the cut on the baby’s scalp was seven centimetres and there was a one-centimetre laceration of the brain. 

The Express understands he was alive for approximately five hours, during which there were vain efforts to resuscitate him.

An obstetrician/gynaecologist who requested anonymity explained the findings to the Express.

The doctor said the wound to the baby’s head caused massive bleeding which led to death.

The doctor also weighed in on the baby’s histology report which states:

Brain—areas of intraparenchymal haemorrhage at the site of laceration

Heart—structurally unremarkable 

Spleen—structurally normal, apart from mild vascular congestion 

Kidneys—glomeruli, renal parenchyma appears normal

Liver—normal hepatocytes and sinusoids

Lungs—congestion, oedema, alveoli are collapsed. Pulmonary hypoplasia noted.

The doctor said the histology findings were not unusual, in relation to a premature baby.

The baby’s lungs were not matured, in that he would not have been able to breathe on his own, the doctor said.

However, the doctor said with proper paediatric care, he would have been placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a ventilator, until his lungs may or may not have been able to function on its own.

The doctor however said had baby Simeon lived, he would have faced complications expected with prematurity.

Cottle told the Express a North-Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) doctor was giving the impression her baby would have died because of lung failure.

Cottle said nobody but God could have determined whether baby Sim­eon would have survived the complications surrounding his prema­-


She said as a mother, she believes her child would have lived had it not been for the doctor cutting into his head.

A date for the funeral of baby Simeon is yet to be decided.

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan is said to be working on the composition of the independent team which will probe the baby’s death.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan has said a specialist from London, England, will be included in the team.