Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dad gunned down by stall

A Point Fortin father of three was gunned down at his vegetable stall on Easter Monday.

Dane Joseph, 38, was loading dasheen into his pick-up truck at around 7.15 p.m. when a man walked by pretending to be a customer. Police said the man then walked away and hid in some bushes near the Cap-de-Ville police post.

As Joseph was about to get into his vehicle, police said, he was shot in the stomach.

Joseph’s mother-in-law Patricia Gittens told the Express yesterday: “We were told that when he got the first shot he started running on the road and the gunmen were shooting behind him. He fell on the road, bleeding. A girl who was there drop on the ground and hid. She said you only seeing the spark from the gun going off.”

Joseph, who also worked with a contractor sandblasting and painting ships, was taken to Point Fortin District Hospital, where he died while undergoing treatment.

Police believe Joseph was wounded by bullets from two guns. The gunmen escaped through nearby bushes.

Joseph lived at Cap-de-Ville with wife Elizabeth Sinnette and their three children—Solomon, 15, Keyson, seven, and three-month-old Goodness.

 “He worked all weekend, but when he went yesterday his boss said they don’t have work. So he came home and lime and cook, then he went by the stall. He was closing up when he get shot. His wife was there too, she left a few minutes before to go home. He always opened the stall when he didn’t have work,” said Gittens.

Gittens was unable to say whether her son-in-law was ever threatened.  “I don’t know much of his business, I can’t say. But I know he really wanted to organise his family and make them comfortable. His last son has his face. He really loved his family.”

Gittens said her daughter was distraught by her husband’s death.

 “I told her she needs to take control of herself because she just had a baby,” she said.

Police were last evening searching for the suspects in the shooting.

Joseph’s death takes the murder toll for the year to 136.