Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘Daily Mail’ readers react to Facebook beating

The issue of the controversial video of Helen Bartlett beating her 12-year-old daughter with a belt for posting sexually-explicit photos of herself on Facebook has been picked up by the London Daily Mail.

The news article, which was carried on the Daily Mail’s website yesterday, was accompanied by still shots of the beating and the video footage from the Facebook website.

The Daily Mail news article states: “Last Sunday, a video was posted on Facebook showing Helen Bartlett, a mother of four from Point Fortin, beating her sobbing daughter while hurling profanities at her. The six-minute clip, which depicts Ms Bartlett raining blows on the 12-year-old girl, who whimpers in pain and cowers from the belt, has been shared more than 43,000 online.”

Several photos of Bartlett beating her daughter were used to break up the story, in which the Trinidad Express was quoted.

 The first of four photos used showed Bartlett talking to the child and was captioned “Public shaming”;  the second and third photos which captured Bartlett using the belt on the child were captioned “Unsettling”, while the caption below the fourth photo questioned whether the beating was “discipline or abuse”.

The entire six-minute video which showed Bartlett beating her daughter with a belt for sharing sexually-revealing photos of herself on Facebook, which also accompanied the story on the Daily Mail’s website, was shared 7,273 times and had 1,821 view comments attached to it on the Daily Mail site. The video is currently one of the most watched news videos there.

The comments posted on the Mail website reflected mixed views of the beating, with some persons criticising the mother, saying that the beating was bordering on abuse, while others said they did not condemn the mother for her disciplining methods and even went  as far as to share their own experiences with the disciplining measures they, as parents, took to keep them out of trouble.