Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rowley: Seetahal's murder should scare us all

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has issued a response to the the murder this morning of attorney Dana Seetahal. He said Seetahal's killing "represents a new low in what we are experiencing.

She was a national asset functioning in the criminal justice system, this should scare every single citizen in the country".

Senior counsel Martin Daly says he is grieved by loss of his colleague Dana Seetahal who was murdered this morning.

He said it was yet another example of the prevalence of impunity in the country, pointing to recent murders outside KFC on Maraval and the Arima court.

He said he has been trying for 10 years to have the impunity factor addressed.

Daly said he was very cynical about the spin on the reasons for the murder such as she was returning from a casino .

According to Daly, Trinidad and Tobago has lost a very important person as apart from her legal contribution she was a gracious host and very dedicated to her nephews and nieces.

"This is a grevious loss," he said in an interview on CNC3