Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gunman killed after shooting cop

 A Carapichaima man who shot a police officer was killed  by  police yesterday. 

Dillon Mason is the 22nd person to be shot dead by police this year, according to figures from the Police Complaints Authority. 

According to police, around midnight on Tuesday, a man was shot in Lion Drive, Orangefield Road, Carapichaima. 

Police officers of the Central Division Task Force and Chaguanas CID, led by Supt Johnny Abraham, responded and set up roadblocks in the area in search of the suspect. 

While searching an apartment building in Carapichaima in an area known as “The Walls”, around 4.30 a.m. officers were confronted by gunfire, and PC Rambarran was shot in his left hand, police said. 

Police officers returned fire and Mason was shot. Police said they retrieved a firearm with an extended magazine. He was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility, where he died. 

The wounded police officer was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he is being treated. Mason’s body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre, St James, for an autopsy yesterday. 

List of persons killed by police in 2014 

as recorded by the Police Complaints Authority :

1. Naim Dean ­ - La Horquette Valley Road, 


2.   Gilbert Brown  - McDonald Hill, Morvant,

3. Jeremy Clunis   - McDonald Hill, Morvant,

4. Jeremy Inniss  - Gloster Lodge, Gonzales, Laventille

5. Anthony Hepburn - Sookoo Trace, 

Claxton Bay

6. Akeem Price  - Mt Moriah, Tobago

7. Nicholas Sylvester  - Lange Park, 


8. Walcott Ali  -  Eighth Street, Barataria

9.     Janus Alfonso  - Clarke Trace, 

Enterprise, Chaguanas

10. Anthony Hospedales - Chaguanas

11. Satrohan Ramdhanie  - Chaguanas

12. Adrian Charles   -Morvant

13. Chandrabhose Samaroo   - Charuma 

Forest,  Guayaguayare

14. Nigel Long   - Bagatelle, Diego Martin

15. Brent Julien  -  area unknown

16. Junior Noel  -   Chaguanas

17.   Anderson Aldo Deo -  Chaguanas

18. Antonio Swan   -   California

19.   Kevon Charles  -    Mayaro

20.   Anthony Amogan -  Caroni

21. Dillon Mason - Carapichaima