Monday, February 19, 2018

Dead pigeon closes court

THE STENCH of a dead pigeon in the Princes Town Magistrates' Court caused the closure of the First Court yesterday and today.

This was confirmed by Senior Court Communications officer Cassie Ann James who said that "court was closed early to minimise the impact on members of the public and staff and allow for retrieval of the carcass".

Magistate Debra Quintyne sat in the First Court for half an hour before all matters were postponed.

The Express was told that the stench had carried through to the staircase of the three-storey courthouse, but did not interrupt hearings conducted by Magistrate Avason Quinlan in the Second Court.

"The Magistrates dispensed with matters for the day while staff continued working to prepare the necessary Orders and Remand Warrants. All other staff were allowed to leave by 1 p.m" the Judiciary stated.

James said that that the Registry operations of the court also closed at noon. The court was expected to resume at 9 a.m. today. However, the Express was informed that the stench was still prevalant, and the courts were adjourned for the day.