Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Deal with crime scourge plaguing T&T

President Carmona calls on Govt:


IN GRIEF: Colleagues of Dana Seetahal express their grief during her funeral service yesterday at Aramalaya Presbyterian Church in Tunapuna. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

Mark Fraser

Disclosing he was still in shock over the murder of Dana Seetahal SC, President Anthony Carmona yesterday pleaded for the Government to deal with the crime scourge plaguing this nation. 

The President was speaking at Seetahal’s funeral service at Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Tunapuna. 

Carmona reminded that in his address at the ceremonial opening of Parliament last year, he spoke of crime continuing to be the scourge of society. 

He said he exorted the Parliament to genuinely cooperate and engage in genuine realistic methods to combat crime.  

“Now I wish to enhance my plea...we as a nation cannot sit idly by and watch the blood of our people—man and woman, young and old—flow freely as a result of the actions of those who do not view life with any degree of sanctity.”

The President said Seetahal’s death was not the first the nation had to contend with as others have lost daughters, mothers, sisters, sons, fathers and brothers.

“Every death by violence is one death too many,” he said. 

He urged all in authority and citizens to get involved in the business of humanity. 

“I like many of you are still in a state of shock and I am numb and cold with grief in our nation’s social evolution. Fear and violence can create a perverse situation feeding our insecurities, so that the less than honourable in our communities can benefit from the paranoia which restricts our freedom to enjoy our lives.”

 Carmona said the brave man is one who conquers that fear 

“Dana knew this and lived it. She knew that we must not allow ourselves to become victims of paranoia, that was not Dana’s way and it must not be ours,” said Carmona.

He said as prosecutors in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), several key witnesses were lost in high-profile murder trials at a time when the law was not developed evidentially as it is today. 

“Dana didn’t cower or resign herself to some pathological corner of, her resolve to seek justice for all was only hardened, as she faced all challenges which came with the job of prosecutor,” said Carmona.

“Dana’s defining attribute was that of a consistent glow, she derived immense pleasure from her job fashioning a type of perfection in her work,” he added.

He said Seetahal stood for justice and her legacy must be treasured.