Saturday, December 16, 2017

Debe vendors blaze Rowley


finger-licking: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, left, enjoys doubles with former local government councillor Kazim Hosein, during a visit to the Debe Wholesale Market, Namdevco compound inDebe last evening. At centre is Daniel Dookie, the assistant general secretary of the Peoples National Movement.  —Photo by Dave Persad

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OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley took some political heat during a visit yesterday to the Debe Wholesale Market, on the compound of the National Marketing Development Company (Namdevco).

Rowley, who visited the market to get the solicit the views of people regarding the Solomon Hochoy Highway

Extension to Point Fortin, was confronted several times by vendors who chanted "we want the highway" and "Go back to Port of Spain".

Auto parts businessman Ajot Ramcharan said "for all these years Mr Rowley was a minister, he never come to Debe. Now he trying to ship up support for stopping the highway. Why does he not go to Diego Martin and look for support?"

Rowley, who was accompanied on the tour by former People's National Movement (PNM) councillor Kazim Hosein, and two supporters, reminded that he officially opened the Namdevco facility in 1992 when he was the Ministry of Agriculture.

Rowley, who made a purchase of pumpkin and ochro, was expected to attend the Mastana Bahar All Star Show and Awards function in Debe last night.