Saturday, February 24, 2018

Defence Force launches five-year human resource initiative

THE TRINIDAD and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) recently launched its Strategic Human Resource Plan 2014-2018 and according to Chief of Defence Staff Major General Kenrick Maharaj, “the plan focuses on re-engineering the human resource functions of the Force to overcome the HR challenges being experienced in the organisation.”

CDS Maharaj said, “In recognition of the contemporary national security environment and in consideration of the anticipated changes in the future security landscape, my intention is to lead the on-going transformation of the TTDF by anchoring its development efforts on three strategic pillars: Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), Strategic Information Communication Technology (SICT) and Strategic Finance (SF).”

He added, “The three strategic priorities are intended to support the Force’s overarching goal of operational readiness pursuant to the Force’s stated vision and mission”. Further, he said, “The primacy of operations is the key driver of the Force’s comprehensive approach to its development and is guided by a One Force institutional philosophy and a Joint Force Doctrine for operations.”

He also stated, that “The inextricable link between the Force’s guiding philosophy and its doctrine is hinged upon a robust SHRM architecture.“The Strategic Human Resource Plan 2014-2018, will focus on five strategic goals, they are, continuous planned recruitment, developing a systematic approach to training and development, crafting a new compensation methodology, designing and implementing revised career management systems and promoting a mind-set of values based on ethics and morals of the serviceman,” Maharaj said.