Saturday, February 24, 2018

Deosaran gets second term as PSC chairman

 Prof Ramesh Deosaran was sworn in Friday as chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC) for a second term by President Anthony Carmona.

In order to accommodate Prof Deosaran’s plan to travel abroad immediately, the ceremony was held at 8 a.m. in the Office of the President, Circular Road, St Ann’s, a statement said.

During the ceremony Carmona told Deosaran that for some time he has been “bellowing in the wilderness” for citizens to move from the status of citizenship to patriotism and in this regard “you are well qualified”, the statement said.

Carmona told Deosaran that he sees him as a true patriot of the Republic and thanked him for his choice to serve his country instead of yielding to the numerous more lucrative offers available to him abroad.

Carmona said  although the reappointment function may appear to be transient it is not, adding, that for far too long public service in Trinidad and Tobago has not been celebrated and while Deosaran may have been the recipient of many awards, “I, in capacity as President of the Republic, must thank him for coming forward to give of his time, his family time and his professional life to this Republic of ours.”

The President emphasised that public service was not easy and that it has never been easy. 

He said, “It can indeed be a thankless job.  But what propels us and what continues to motivate us, is at the end of the day, we can reflect and say, ‘I am making a positive difference in the lives of my fellow citizens of this country.’  Expect detractors, because whenever you engage in the business of doing good, there will be detractors.”