Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Depressed man, 18, hangs himself at girlfriend’s home

 AN 18-year-old man apparently depressed over a romantic issue was found hanging from the rafters of his girlfriend’s Brazil Village, Arima home on Sunday night.

Police said the victim, Jonathan Hughes who only turned 18 in July was involved with a woman aged 33. According to the police around 2 a.m. on Sunday the woman in question left her Crystal Heights, Brazil Village home to go to work. She is reportedly employed as a waitress at a bar at Farfan Street, Arima.

Detectives said Hughes and the woman often had arguments as he was concerned over the level of attention she received from male patrons at her place of work. Police said when the woman got back home around 8 p.m. on Sunday she realised that her house was in darkness. She called out to Hughes but he did not answer. She eventually got in, lit a candle (the house has no electricity) and when she looked up she saw Hughes’ body hanging in the living room of the house. 

Arima CID officers are continuing investigations.