Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Deputy CoP stands by murder statistics

THE statistics released by National Security Minister Jack Warner, which were provided by the Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, are "reliable".

Deputy Police Commissioner Mervyn Richardson made the statement yesterday as he sought to dispel claims that the figures provided were inaccurate.

On New Year's Day, Warner provided to the media the statistics for serious crimes for the last five years.

Some people have challenged the accuracy of the figures, given the fact that only 377 murders were recorded up to December 30 last year.

"I have looked at the statistics put out. The Police Service relies on CAPA. We do not manufacture these things; we report them as they are," Richardson said.

"We have no vested interest than to report the truth, and only the truth. If something is put out there other than CAPA, we will have to look at that.

"The statistics are reliable, that is what we work with, and we stand by the CAPA data. Once they are provided by CAPA, we stand by it."

Among the statistics reported was that serious crimes last year were at the lowest for the past five years, with the exception of 2011 when the country had a three-month State of Emergency.

Last year, there were 17,533 serious crimes reported, according to CAPA.

In 2010, the figure was 19,918 while in 2011, it was 15,877.

Richardson said he hoped the murder toll can be cut by half for this year.

"We are dealing with crime. I am so pleased that crime has taken a downward trend, and with the support of the media and the national community, we hope to drive it further.

"We are not comforted by the fact that we ended up with 379 (murders), but we want to reduce that by half. I am not saying that we will...I am saying that the intention is there to do that.

"You see, crime is like an ocean liner; a pirogue, you can just make a quick manoeuvre and you get over that, but the ocean liner, it takes a long time. We did not reach there overnight, and we will not solve the problem in a couple days, but you can really see we started to make that turn."