Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Devant reports two new text message ‘threats’ to police

Food Production Minister Devant Mahar­aj yesterday reported threats against him to the police.

Maharaj told the Express he made an official report to the police led by ASP Persad and two officers who visited him at the Senate yesterday.

The threats came in the form of two text messages to his cellphone.

The first text read: “You have to be kidding or insane, you are planning to come to Chin Chin Agri Shop. Be prepared to have some rotten eggs waiting for you. We don’t want to see you or hear anything from you. Once a thief always a thief.”

The second message read: “We don’t want you coming to our village. You of all people is not welcome here, You think because..... got Glenn fired you can enter our village, think twice, most of us here are Muslim and we dislike you. Enter at your own risk. May Allah be praise.”

Speaking to the Express by phone, Maharaj said he received the messages on Monday at 5.59 and 6.24 p.m., respectively.

Maharaj said his ministry has an outreach programme where officials go from village to village, and there was an announcement via speakerphone that the ministry would be visiting the Chin Chin area.

He said the person who sent the text probably felt he was visiting the area personally.

Asked if he had any idea of who the threat came from, Maharaj replied, “I think it is inspired by a television personality...”

Maharaj said he viewed all threats against him seriously because he does not know whether some psychopath may be behind it and he has to protect himself and his family.

“You really don’t know what threat to take lightly or what to dismiss, it could be a crackpot sending these messages,” said Mahar­aj.

In February this year Maharaj also had cause to report to the police threats to him via text messages to his cellphone. He said yesterday these threats were still coming, one threatening he would be paralysed from the waist down.

Maharaj said police assured him they are investi­gating both matte­rs.