Monday, February 19, 2018

Devotees brave rains to offer prayers

Suchit Trace Ganesh Mandir celebrates 100 years of performing 11-day Ganesha yagna

AS the occasional showers of rain poured and many people reflected quietly after

the Independence Day cele­brations and yesterday’s public holiday, others gathered in their numbers to offer prayers during the Ganesha Utsav festival in the quiet community of Suchit Trace in Penal.

The Suchit Trace Ganesh Mandir celebrated 100 years of performing the 11-day Ganesha yagna (prayers with ritual offerings), which began last Friday. 

Despite the inclement weather yesterday, many devo­tees came as early as 8 a.m. to give their offerings to the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha. Due to the large crowd, others waited in line until after lunch to make their offe­rings. 

During the offerings, pundits read from the Ganesha Pu­rana (Hindu religious scrip­ture dedicated to Gan­esha). 

The celebration for the Ganesha Utsav or Ganesh Cha­turthi festival will end on September 8 with an all-night vigil of prayers, singing and chanting of mantras on the final night. 

Before sunrise, the residents, along with devotees, will walk the streets, singing and chanting, as the murti leaves the temple to be submerged into the new-cut channel or the Oropouche River. 

Immediately following the end of this festival will begin the Pitri Paksha (a fortnight of honouring ancestors).