Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Devotees observe Mother Saraswati’s birth on Monday

 The observance of Saraswati Jayanti or the birth of Mother Saraswati is growing in significance in Trinidad and Tobago.  This year it will be observed on Monday.

The event will be celebrated by the El Dorado Shiv Mandir, Maha Sabha Branch #51 (ESM) along with other Hindu temples across the country.

 “Approximately 100 SEA pupils from the El Dorado North and South Hindu Schools as well as other examination pupils will sit to perform puja to Saraswatie Mata.  They will also be joined by children of the performing arts of song, music and dance.  In total, we anticipate about 300 devotees attending the temple for this auspicious religious occasion,” said ESM’s president Nirmala Maharaj.  She explained the significance of Saraswati  Jayanti.

“We know that Mother Saraswati is the goddess of true knowledge.  She is a mother parents should have their children come to know  if we continue to leave the teaching of values to chance, we, as a nation, risk losing an integral piece of our culture altogether and will disrespect the very essence of Mother Saraswati’s being,”Maharaj said.

 So, we know that Mother Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, Maharaj added. 

“Do we understand that true knowledge removes sorrow from a person’s life?  Knowledge, not only academic but spiritual and self – knowledge most importantly, leads to a happy mind. A happy mind means success.  Values should be taught in the context of this vision.  Values make sense when young people see how those values can result in a bright future and their happiness,”  Maharaj said.

Maharaj noted, “Many young people today experience a sense of hopelessness. A clear vision of where they are going and who they are is distorted by powerful influences.  Some of these strong influences-such as peers, television and gangs-redefine the future and teach false values that lead our children to seek short-term, counterfeit objectives palmed off as success.  

Maharaj said, “What must be taught to our children is a balance, academic knowledge is important but spiritual and self knowledge are equally if not more important to ensure success at life.”