Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dibe man murdered

A SMALL-time drug pusher was gunned down in Dibe, Long Circular, St James, yesterday afternoon.

The victim, Moses "Swing Eye" Thompson, 36, of Dibe, was described by Homicide Bureau investigators as a known drug dealer. His killing took the year's murder toll to 349 for the year, according to an Express count.

Police said, around 12.30 p.m., Thompson was walking along Dibe Road when a car stopped alongside him. A man stepped out and spoke to Thompson, then drew a pistol and shot him several times before getting back into the car, which sped off.

Police said the killing was drug-related. They said for the last three weeks, they had been receiving reports that a number of small-time drug dealers were being threatened by gang members in the area for a "cut" in the proceeds of their drug peddling.

After Thompson was shot, a number of residents came out. One of them placed Thompson in a car which took him to the St James Hospital. He died on arrival.

A number of officers from the St James CID as well as the Homicide Bureau visited the scene and are continuing investigations.