Saturday, February 17, 2018

Diego man to face charges in Tobago killing

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Ro­ger Gaspard has advised the police to charge a 36-year-old man from Diego Martin with the murder of 54-year-old Curtis Love­lace and the wounding of his wife, Marilyn Tho­mas.

The man will appear before a Scarborough ma­gistrate soon to answer the charges. The file was passed on to the DPP yesterday by Tobago police officials.

Curtis Lovelace was the first murder for the year in Tobago on New Year’s Day.

An autopsy conduc­ted on Tuesday by patho­logist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes revealed Lovelace died as a result of mul­tiple stabs, incised cut wounds to his body.

Lovelace was stabbed to death following a domestic dispute at his Bacolet home, which he rented with his wife, Marilyn Thomas.

The accused in the matter, who has a son with Thomas, is reported to have entered the home of the couple shortly after 6 p.m., asking to see his son, when an argument occurred.

Thomas was stabbed several times about the body with a kitchen knife while Lovelace was stabbed to death.

The accused then escaped on foot but was later held by police.

Constable Neil Joefield of the Scarborough Homicide Bureau is the complainant in the matter.