Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Disabled man homeless after fire

Paralysed from his waist down, Steve Brown, was unable to move when his home caught fire on Saturday night.

But when the flames became too much to bear, Brown threw himself off the front porch and rolled down eight steps.

He dragged himself off his wheelchair and crawled to the roadway, where neighbours rescued him.

Brown, 51, lived alone in a wooden house at Mon Repos, San Fernando, near the Mon Repos fire and police stations.

His home had no electricity supply and Brown lit two candles inside the house on Saturday evening.

“I was sitting in the gallery in my wheelchair. I lit two candles in the house and maybe the curtain blew and caught on fire. I saw inside the house looking bright and then I saw flames inside the house. I am paralysed from my waist down and couldn’t move. I rolled down the steps and tried to get out,” he said.

Brown’s home and all his belongings, including his car were destroyed in the fire.

He was staying at the home of a friend yesterday. “I am staying with my friend for a few days. I don’t know what will happen afterwards,” he said.

—Carolyn Kissoon