Sunday, February 18, 2018

Do something about LifeSport

n Al-Rawi knocks PM’s inaction as National Security head...

The People’s National Movement (PNM) said yesterday it was alarmed at “what appears to be the unrepentant and shameless abdication of responsibility” by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who is also head of the National Security Council.

The PNM said, on Friday, during the debate in the House of Representatives on a motion of censure against Sport Minister Anil Roberts, the Minister (Roberts) stated that Curtis Gibson, who was murdered last Thursday, had nothing to do with the LifeSport programme.

PNM Senator and public relations officer Faris Al-Rawi said media reports before this and since then have unanimously refuted that assertion and have indicated that Gibson was linked to the LifeSport programme.

Al-Rawi said yesterday’s Sunday Express report stated Gibson was murdered as he intended to give evidence of criminality in LifeSport and, by extension, the Ministry of Sport.

The senator said the country, including the Prime Minister, would have also read that Ruth Marchan, who is attached to the Ministry of Sport, has entrusted Chaguanas West MP and former national security minister Jack Warner with her computer and is also being kept in custody by Warner, after she claimed her life was threatened.

Al-Rawi said the Prime Minister, as head of the National Security Council, has yet to comment on any of these events or statements, including murder, death threats and corruption.

Al-Rawi said there has also been no information to suggest there is police involvement in the protection of this evidence (on the computer) or of Marchan.

He said the PNM was calling for urgent police intervention in this matter.

“The Prime Minister is witness to allegations of conspiracy, funding of alleged criminal activity, arising out of allegations of wrongdoing in LifeSport. Yet she was seen thumping the parliamentary desk in support of Anil Roberts last Friday. She has given no explanation as to how she could have the Minister of Sport in open contradiction to the Minister of National Security Gary Griffith.

“This is an entirely dangerous situation and all of it is bolted onto the plate of Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who continues to preach one thing and practise another,” Al-Rawi stated.

Noting that Persad-Bissessar was talking about the right of recall legislation, Al-Rawi said this was the same Prime Minister who acted, in respect of Roberts, in opposition to the Congress of the People (COP), which had suspended Roberts from the party (the COP).

“If ever a right of recall (with respect to a minister of Government) is to be practised it is certainly in relation to the scandalous affairs at the Ministry of Sport and the serious allegations that stand with respect to the funding of serious criminality under the Life Sport programme,” Al Rawi said.

He also called on Roberts to explain the contradictions laid at his feet with respect to the LifeSport programme by the National Security Minister and the media.