Friday, February 23, 2018

Doctor fears for Kublalsingh


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THE medical doctor to environmental activist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh expressed her concern over his progressive deterioration as he completed day 19 of his hunger strike yesterday.

"He is now displaying end of life characteristics," Ashantie Charles Le Blanc, medical director of the SCI EMS, said after examining him under umbrellas outside the Prime Minister's office in St Clair yesterday.

Though the Highway Re-Route Movement made preparations for a tent, the vans carrying the tents were turned away by nearby police officers.

"This is serious," she added.

Charles Le Blanc said she has advised Kublalsingh of all the implications to his health.

"Kublalsingh was on barely a maintenance IV, we have since stopped that. As a physician I am respecting his autonomy over his life, but things are not looking good, he is indeed critical and getting more critical my the minute," she said.

She said Kublalsingh had wasted away to the point where there was very little muscle left to feed the body.

"There is no more muscle, so we have passed the body's reserve stage in terms of breaking down muscle, it is indeed very serious," she said.

Even during the heat of the day, Kublalsingh remained cloaked in a heavy sweater, sweat pants, thick socks and shoes.

"The fact that Dr Kublalsingh is in a sweater and shoes and socks shows that he is feeling cold, so peripheral circulation is decreased to preserve the major organs as much as possible. This is what the body will do," she said.

On Saturday, Kublalsingh received two liters of intravenous fluid, consisting mostly of saline with a small percentage of dextrose, but has since refused to accept any more.

"Dr Kublalsingh has not received any parenteral nutrition and while yes, patients can live on IV this is not the type of IV treatment that he has received. It is not parenteral nutrition, it is not even full maintenance hydration based on his dehydration signs. It was a minor life saving technique, but he has now declined that," she said.

Charles Le Blanc said she has made several medical recommendations to Kublalsingh, which included stopping the hunger strike.

"He has informed me that he is waiting to see when his body can take no more. I am monitoring him, I am doing my best in my capacity but I do have to respect Dr Kublalsingh as a patient," she said.