Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Don’t be afraid, stand your ground

Father of State witness:


KILLED: Stacy Roopan

Mark Fraser

THE father of State witness Stacy Roopan who was shot dead in a street near her home in Couva yesterday encouraged other State witnesses not to be afraid and to stand their ground.

Lutchman Roopan, 53, said it was he who had advised his daughter last year to give evidence in a court matter, and he did not regret his decision, although his daughter paid with her life.

I lost a daughter and others have lost other loved ones but it is still good to come forward and try to help save another life out there, said Roopan.

He encouraged other persons who witnessed crimes to speak out about what they know.

I believe the law of the land is the right way. And others need to be brave and come out and give evidence. If people go to jail and serve the time the country would be better than if the criminals roam free, he said.

Mother of one, Stacy Roopan, 25, was shot dead at Isaiah Street as she was walking towards a preschool to pick up her three-year-old son.

A police officer is a person of interest in the killing, according to investigators.

Roopan said his daughters car, a Nissan Sylphy, was broken into in December and her identification cards and other personal items were stolen.

A note was left in the vehicle with a threat that she would be killed if she testified in a court matter.

An autopsy performed on her body yesterday found that she was shot seven times.

The first bullet entered her back and exited her breast, the father was told. She was also shot in the neck and head.

Roopan said his daughter was a law-abiding citizen who was a secondary school graduate, had studied nursing and geriatric care, and had signed up to continue her studies.

He said when she told him last year that she had received certain information by unlawful means, he told her to take the information to the police.

I told her I dont go against the law, and that she has a son and she had to set a good example for him. She said okay she will come clean, he said.

Roopan said he does not regret encouraging his daughter to give evidence in a criminal matter.

I still think she did the right thing. No I do not feel responsible for her death. The person who killed her should feel responsible and pay for it, he said.

The funeral is expected to take place tomorrow in Preysal.