Monday, January 22, 2018

Don’t play bad boy, youth told

...must pay for damaging vehicle

A MAN who threw stones at the vehicle of a guest at a wedding was yesterday ordered to pay $8,500 for damage caused to the car.

When Andy Manolal heard he had to pay the money in a week, the 20-year-old asked for more time.

 Instead, he was warned by the magistrate: “Don’t pick up stones and play bad boy because bad boys have to pay money... Think before you act.”

San Fernando Senior Magistrate Annette McKenzie heard that it was around 10.15 p.m. on Sunday that Constable Dennis Samm was at St Margaret’s Police Station when he received a telephone call about a disturbance at Caratal Road, Macaulay.

Along with other officers, he went to the area, where he met the victim Alvin Rampersad, who later pointed out Manolal to the officer.

 When told of the offence of malicious damage committed, Manolal responded: “Officer, I really mash up the glass ‘cause we had an argument before’.”

Manolal, of Macaulay, was charged with causing $8,500 in damage to the vehicle.

Police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan said that the front windshield and bumper and the right door glass and the door of the vehicle were damaged.

When McKenzie asked for his version of the incident, Manolal said he was defending his 27-year-old uncle during an altercation. He also claimed that he was cuffed in his neck by the victim.

Rampersad, 38, denied that he had touched Manolal but admitted that he had slapped Manolal’s uncle.

McKenzie told Rampersad that instead of hitting Manolal’s uncle, he should have called the police.

Rampersad said that the uncle was driving through a crowd of people standing in the roadway during the wedding and he gave a “bad drive”.

He said an argument started. Rampersad said when he was leaving in his white Nissan Almera his car was struck.

Manolal, who works at a furniture factory and lives with his parents, was reprimanded and discharged for the offence. However, he was ordered to compensate Rampersad for the damage to the car. He had to pay the money in seven days or serve three months’ simple imprisonment.

“Let your uncle help you,” McKenzie told Manolal.

The uncle was not in court yesterday.