Sunday, January 21, 2018

Douglas: Issues with poor materials


“design flawS”: Dr Lincoln Douglas

Mark Fraser

Asked whether the problems at NAPA/SAPA were due to poor maintenance or sub-standard materials, Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas said: “And the Chinese are saying the issues with NAPA and SAPA are maintenance? A lot of them have design flaws. They have poor workmanship. Why do you think Napa is closed down? The stairs in the building are not even. Is that poor maintenance? 

Even one of the catwalks was built without railings. That has nothing to do with poor maintenance. And it is suspen­ded with the wrong hooks. We had to close it because it be­came a health hazard for the people. 

“Of course, there would be some issues with maintenance. Lots of issues are related to poor materials. They are fixing a lot of things. There are lots of issues related to the building that have nothing to do with maintenance. “

Douglas said he did not want to be confrontational with the Chinese. 

“After my last meeting at Cabinet, they agreed to fix a lot of the things. They have been working and fixing it,” he said. 

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Arts and Multicultu­ralism Maurice Suite said: “It is a combination of different things. They had design flaws. We had some maintenance issues. And in some cases, we are dealing with how things were put together. 

We have an agreement to address some of the issues. Some of the things may not have been constructed properly and they have agreed to address those issues. There were some things we were not satisfied with. We are working with Shanghai Construction to address those concerns.”