Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Downtown comes alive as revellers take to the streets

Water and powder were whipped out and sprayed on fellow revellers at the South Quay judging point in downtown Port of Spain, yesterday as band after band took to the stage to the music of joint Soca Monarch winner Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons' Fantastic Friday.

Downtown came alive as individuals and the revellers from several mini bands took to the streets just a little after 1 p.m. parading before a very small group of spectators in the stands and on the roadway at South Quay.

The 2012 Large Band of the Year winner Brian MacFarlane arrived at the judging point just about 2.30 p.m with his 2013 presentation "Joy —the Finale".

Masqueraders paraded before the judges dressed in white t-shirts and white pants, sprinkling powder as they pranced about to SuperBlue's Fantastic Friday.

In a brief interview, MacFarlane told the Express this would be his last year in Carnival but he would continue to represent this country wherever he goes.

He added that he is going to be doing his own shows and won't be depending on any handouts from any government.

Other bands that passed the downtown judging point included Legacy which was the first big band to cross the judging point a little after 1 p.m. Close behind was the band Dream Team, Rosalind Gabriel's individuals from her presentation Lost in Paradise a Nancy Story, their song of choice was also Super Blue's Fantastic Friday.

Some more individual characters passed by the judging point before the mini band the Crew paraded before the judges and were quickly followed by a group of adult and children Jab Jabs. The Jab Jabs not only cracked their whips before the judges but severely beat up on each other with their whips, so much so that it drew cries from the spectators that they couldn't play that kind of mas.

The mini band of beautifully arrayed Apache Indians that followed helped to soften the harshness of the previous Jab Jab display as they paraded in their brightly coloured, feathered headpieces at the judging point.

Also crossing at the South Quay judging point was the bands Veni and Friends, Colorz Fuh So and Showtime whose masqueraders where dressed in green T-shirts and shorts.

The Express also managed to get the views Anna Armstrong and Eli George a couple of tourists taking in the parade downtown yesterday.

Armstrong who was sitting on the Promenade with friends when the Express caught up with her described the celebration as fabulous. "I have been here since Christmas from Canada, but I am originally from Ireland.

"I went to Kings and Queens and that (Queen's Park) Savannah auditorium is so beautiful, so I have been enjoying everything," she said.

Eli George, a tourist from Norway who was taking in the sights and sounds of Carnival at the roundabout at Broadway told the Express she too has so far been enjoying the mas.

"It has been beautiful," she whispered as the music truck accompanying music truck Robert Amar's band Charm which did a dance presentation at the judging point, to Dexter Blaxx Stewart's "Leh Go", approached the roundabout.