Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Driver suspected of hanging himself after hitting man, child


crime scene: Relatives of suicide victim Sheldon Samaroo look on as undertakers remove his body yesterday after it was found hanging near the Claxton Bay Overpass on the south-bound lane of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Mark Fraser

A GASPARILLO fabricator who allegedly struck a father and daughter with his car on Sunday is believed by police to have hanged himself from a billboard along the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

The body of Sheldon Samaroo, 35, of Caratal Road, was discovered yesterday at the base of a b-mobile billboard erected along the south-bound lane of the highway near the Claxton Bay overpass.

Samaroo’s family said he may have been intoxicated when the crash occurred and he thought the victims had died.

Police said that around 10.45 a.m., a motorist contacted E-999 and informed that a body had been seen.

A party of police officers, led by Senior Supt Cecil Santana and including officers of the Homicide Division (South) and Highway Patrol Division (South), went to the scene.

The body was clothed in a green jersey and three-quarter pants and a pair of shoes was found a nearby.

A piece of rope was found around Samaroo’s neck.

Police suspect Samaroo took off his shoes and climbed the iron pylons supporting the billboard to hang himself.

An investigator said it is believed the rope broke and Samaroo fell approximately 4.5 metres to the ground.

Police said on Sunday evening Samaroo was driving in Caratal Village, Claxton Bay, when he allegedly struck a father and a child standing at the roadside.

According to a report, Hamid Mohammed Ali, 65, and two-year-old daughter Azahariah Ali were standing at Caratal Road, Forres Park, when around 6 p.m. a vehicle swerved and collided with them.

Police said the vehicle stopped at the scene, but the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled.

The victims were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital and police were told by hospital authorities they were in stable condition.

PC Ramrattan of the St Margaret’s Police Station is investigating the case.

Yesterday, Samaroo’s sister, Michelle Samaroo, told reporters her brother was not suicidal, but he may have been drinking alcohol on Sunday.

“I don’t know if people beat him, but I did not get to see him. He never showed signs of him wanting to kill himself. When they do an autopsy, then we will know,” said the sister.

She said the family knew Samaroo was involved in a crash on Sunday, but he did not return home that evening.

“We don’t know where he went after he got in a little accident and we were looking for him. Then, someone called us and said they found him over here. I feel he got frightened because this is the first time he got in an accident. Maybe he thought they (the victims) were dead. People said he was probably intoxicated so probably it was the alcohol,” said Michelle Samaroo.

An autopsy will be performed today.