Sunday, February 25, 2018

Drug addict found nude, dead on road


relatives: Balkaran Harripersad, brother of Gangadhar Partap who was found dead on Friday morning at Pluck Road, Woodland , is comforted by his granddaughter Sandy yesterday at their home at Woodland. —Photo: INNIS FRANCIS



A 53-year-old man who had a history of violence, and alcohol and drug abuse was found murdered in Penal on Friday.

Gangadhar Partap was discovered motionless and nude along Kanhailal Trace, Pluck Road, Woodland, around 5.30 a.m.

An autopsy performed later that day concluded that he was beaten to death.

His killing took the murder toll to 285, according to an Express tally.

His brother, Balkaran Harripersad, 59, said Partap had been staying at his (Harripersad’s) house for four days before he was found dead.

He said he last saw his brother alive on Thursday morning, but learned from residents that Partap was last seen alive that evening drinking in a bar in the area.

Balkaran Harripersad and his younger brother Ramkarran Harripersad said Partap smoked cocaine and was an alcoholic.

“He used to take drugs and drink plenty. He was very violent, especially when he drink and smoke,” said Ramkarran.

“About 38 years ago he chopped me on my head. Another time he hit my father with a two-by-four (length of wood).

“He chopped me on my shoulder and he hit me on my head with a piece of iron,” added Balkaran Harripersad.

The family was told the autopsy found Partap died from multiple blunt force trauma, and that he suffered six broken ribs, injuries to his organs and his skull was shattered.

The brothers said Partap never married, did not have children, nor had a home.

They said he stayed at relatives’ and friends’ homes until he was told to leave.

Balkaran Harripersad said on Friday he was getting ready for work when a neighbour called him and told him his brother’s body was on the roadway.

“I went and saw him lying on the roadside. He was naked, and his pants was next to him. I took his pants and covered him. I didn’t see any blood or lash on his body.”

“We got to hear that he was drinking by a bar on Thursday night. We really don’t know what happened to our brother. We can’t say anything about anybody to put them in trouble. So only God alone knows what happened to him,” said Ramkarran Harripersad.

“We considered him a brother but he didn’t consider anyone. He was always quarrelling and fighting since he was small.”

Police said they are searching for a motive for the killing and no suspects have been held in connection with the case.

Homicide Bureau (South) is continuing investigations.