Saturday, February 17, 2018

Drug deal goes sour: man, 29, killed

A LONGDENVILLE, Chaguanas man was gunned down last Friday night in front his home.

Police said his killing was a result of a drug deal gone sour.

Investigators said the victim, Terry Gill, 29, was at his Lamont Street, Longdenville home with his wife around 8 p.m. when he heard noises outside.

He decided to investigate and opened his front door following which a gunman fired several shots at him.

Gill was hit five times in the chest.

His wife ran out to see what happened and saw Gill on the floor across their doorway breathing heavily.

She and a neighbour took him to the Chaguanas Health Facility but by the time he got there, he was already dead.

Police said Gill was well known to them having been arrested a number of times for narcotics possession.

The murder toll in the country for the year so far stood at 53 last night.