Monday, February 19, 2018

Duke seeks second term at helm of PSA

Watson Duke, president of the Public Services Association (PSA), will seek a second term in office when the union holds its elections in three months.

Speaking with the Express in a telephone interview yesterday, Duke said the general council of the union met on Monday and designated November 25 as election day.

Duke said he has no fear or concern about his opponents who will be coming up against him in the elections. 

“I intend to contest the elections fiercely and morally and with dignity. I will be contesting the elections with a full slate of officers. I have no concerns because if as president I was able to do so much with so little, when I have a full slate working in agreement with the Public Service, I tell you the PSA will make serious inroads and great achievements.

“I came in at a time when the Public Service was very quiet and the Public Service was being destroyed bit by bit and we stopped the destruction of 2,175 jobs in the Public Service. That was our first accomplishment and from that moment on we have not lost jobs in the Public Service, we have saved jobs,” Duke said.

He added that the PSA under his leadership has been able to negotiate skillfully for public officers and so there is so much that its members are thankful for.

“And yet we have not reached our destination. I am promising to take public officers to a place where they have always dreamed of—a place where their jobs are valued and where their work is properly valued...I know the vehicle that will take them there.

“The PSA is going to return to its pristine glory and so therefore I have no worry about my opponents, they have already placed themselves in a position where their actions will be weighed by the society,” he added.