Saturday, February 17, 2018

E-mail account of President’s staff member hacked


‘Great concern’: Anthony Carmona

Mark Fraser

An e-mail account belonging to a high-level member of staff in the Office of The President has been hacked.

It resulted in e-mails being sent to a number of people, including State officials on the staff member’s contact list, the Office of The President said in a statement yesterday. 

The statement from Theron Boodan, information officer of President Anthony Carmona, noted the sent e-mails contained the following message: “I sent you an e-mail earlier but I notice the failure delivery, so I sent it using a secured line, view here to read the message.”

People who may have received this message were advised not to access the hyperlink to avoid the possible spread of the e-mail and the subsequent compromising of their own e-mail accounts.  

Anyone who may have inadver­tently accessed the hyperlink is advised to immediately change the passwords for their e-mail accounts, preferably on a computer system on which the suspect e-mail was not accessed and to have their respective Information Technology Personnel advise whether any further action may be warranted, the statement said.

“The Office of The President views the matter with great concern and considers it to be an insidious attempt to compromise the integrity and confidentiality of communications both within and outside of the Office of The President.

“The matter is being pursued assiduously with the assistance of the relevant specialist agencies and authorities to establish the source of the e-mail and to determine if there was any breach of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago and, if such a breach did occur, whether or not those responsible fall within the prosecutorial remit of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions,” the release stated.