Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Rev Teelucksingh on many recent deaths of T&T infants and children


Mark Fraser

AN evil force has its eyes on the babies and the little children in this country, former senator Rev Daniel Teelucksingh has said.

Teelucksingh made the statement yesterday in response to the numerous child deaths reported in this country in recent times.

The only way this crisis can be averted, Teelucksingh said, is if we all get on our knees and pray.

Teelucksingh made the statements as he delivered the feature address at the Charis Works Christian Academy’s graduation ceremony yesterday in Tacarigua.

Twenty-nine children yesterday graduated from the academy—21 from the primary school and eight from the preschool.

“There is some sort of crisis. Something is going wrong in Trinidad when in the last few years we have been having a lot of problems with teenagers, little teenagers and young adults who shooting down one another getting involved in gangs and so on, and the whole country is focusing on this very serious social problem and that has to do with the young people,” Teelucksingh said.

“You know what is happening in the last few days. I think we need to cry a little bit for the preschoolers. I want to wish these young people, these little ones, a very special blessing of protection,” he said.

Teelucksingh said he yesterday read the newspaper report about the death of four-year-old Kimora Millette.

Kimora, a twin, died on Tuesday as a result of a fire accidentally set in the bedroom of her grandparents’ home at Betsy Street, Potato Trace, La Romaine.

According to an autopsy, Kimora died from smoke inhalation.

Teelucksingh said someone has to be blamed for Kimora’s death. He said this was another incident adding to the already crisis situation in the country.

“This is a crisis situation with the younger people, we are switching away from the young adults and the teenagers and coming down to the preschoolers, those who are under 11,” Teelucksingh said.

He also referred to the incident last week, where 11-year-old Rehanna Briggs died as a result of asphyxia due to accidental strangulation when she became entangled in the blouse she was placing on a clothes line.

“Could you imagine a little child just playing in the yard and gets tangled in a clothes line and died? Listen to me; that child is not 17 like those boys in gangs, you know, this is another age group. This is a new crisis in Trinidad, a new crisis that is focusing on the babies,” Teelucksingh said.

He also referred to the drowning death of five-year-old Jemimah Agard at the YMCA pool at Wrightson Road in Port of Spain.

“What about the little one who fell in a swimming pool recently? That is not a 17-year-old or 21-year-old. We not talking about those who die from guns. We talking about something is definitely wrong, some evil force seems to have its eyes on our babies. You better get down on your knees, you know,” Teelucksingh said.

“You better get down on your knees. We have to do that as a nation. We have been talking about the young people and the young adults for the longest while. Some evil eye has an eye on our little babies and our children. We better watch this very carefully, it is a new wave of crisis, a new wave of pain and agony and grief in this country and we need to pray we need to work hard. Our responsibility has increased now,” he said.

“We say alright, the young people, they could take care of themselves and all of that, and we are trying to find answers to solve the problems of the guns, the violence, the anger, the hate, the spite, the bitterness among the young adults. But these innocent ones are suffering and too many, man. Every day is something. So I pray that God will bless them all and be with them,” he said. • See Page 4