Sunday, February 25, 2018

Education Ministry: Mullet not on school-feeding programme

 Mullet fish is not served to pupils in the school-feeding programme.

The Ministry of Education yesterday refuted claims by Fishermen and Friends of the SEA’s (FFOS) Gary Aboud that mullet fish was served in the school feeding programme.

Mullet fish is one of the breeds affected by the recent oil spills in La Brea.

Aboud made the statement during a protest outside the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) office at Elizabeth Street, St Clair, on Thursday

The ministry said in a media release, “The National Schools Dietary Services Ltd (NSDSL), the State-owned enterprise responsible for the School Nutrition Programme (SNP), sources most of the fish used on the programme from the large local fish suppliers Dockside Seafoods (Trinidad) Ltd and Tri Fish Ice and Cold Storage Ltd.   

“The SNP produces approximately 60,000 breakfast meals and 96,000 lunches on a daily basis for students in over 800 schools located throughout Trinidad.  These suppliers are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that their products and operations meet the standards of the Public Health Authority, Ministry of Health, and the internationally benchmarked standards of the SNP. 

“Through menu testing, the progamme has found that salmon fillets are best accepted by its clientele, and thus, it is the approved fish used on the Programme. 

“Bone-in fish is not used on the SNP for safety reasons since our target population is among the most vulnerable of groups, therefore recent statements or claims made by Mr Gary Aboud of Fishermen and Friends of the SEA about the use of mullet fish on the programme are grossly inaccurate.”