Thursday, February 22, 2018

End senseless war

Mother of woman killed while holding her baby:

While she stood strong comforting two of her children yesterday at Forensic Science Centre in St James, Judy Salandy wanted to send a clear message to the men responsible for the death—turn your lives around and repent, because the cost of your war is the lives of innocent people.

Salandy was consoling two of her nine children, Alicia and Kirby, mere moments after the family was called in to officially identify the body of Petrina Salandy, who was gunned down on Sunday afternoon along St Paul Street in east Port of Spain, while trying to protect four of her children.

According to police reports, at about noon, Petrina Salandy was holding her five-month-old daughter Kayla while her older children—Lorenzo, 13, Raheem, 11, and four-year-old Jaydon—were walking along St Paul Street en route to their home.

Without warning, the roadway was littered with bullets as persons higher up St Paul Street, in an area known as Block 8, began to shoot lower down the hill.

On hearing the shots, Petrina grabbed her children and used her own body to shield them from the bullets as she pushed them behind a wall. She was hit several times in the process.

Salandy was taken to Port of Spain General Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

At “Forensics” yesterday, Judy Salandy said her daughter was a kind and loving person, who did not deserve to die the way she did.

“My daughter (Petrina) was a real loving child. It is not nice to know that she was killed while holding her child like that. It is hurtful and distressing to know she was screaming out that she had her children with her, and these gunmen did not care,” said Salandy.

“But what is unfair, what I cannot bear in my heart, is to see that people who are not involved in crime are the ones dying in this war they having.

“Why is it the innocent people in the area who struggling to survive and live their lives right are the ones who have to die for the people who are involved in crime? My daughter never even hold a gun in her life, so can you tell me why she have to die by a gun? That is madness.

“To the men who kill my child, repent please! Give your lives over to Christ. Why allyuh don’t want to love one another? Why allyuh have to take my child? Please end this senseless war!” Salandy exclaimed.