Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Enill appears with Warner as energy consultant

 Former People’s National Movement (PNM) chairman Conrad Enill is working as “an independent energy consultant” with leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner.

Enill, a former minister of Finance and minister of Energy, appeared alongside Warner when he (Warner) met with Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) officials to discuss the oil spill in the south-west peninsula.

The OWTU compiled a report alleging a cover-up by Cabinet and Petrotrin board and management.

Yesterday, when asked to explain his presence at the ILP conference, Enill told the Express: “No, no. You saw me at no ILP event. You saw me with Jack Warner and the OWTU in the capacity of an independent energy consultant. That is what you saw.”

Told he was described by the ILP in its news release as the “ILP’s energy and financial consultant”, Enill replied: “It is not ILP. I am a consultant for Jack Warner.”

He said he was an energy and financial consultant “globally” and Warner had asked him “to come on this particular situation and help him (Warner) understand some issues. So I was there in that capacity”.

“On this particular occasion, that was the assignment. If there is an opportunity for another matter, then I will deal with it,” Enill added. “All I have done is sat in at a meeting to cla­rify issues and explain certain things. As we speak, my assignment on that matter is finished.”

Notwithstanding the fact he is currently a People’s National Movement (PNM) general council member, Enill claims to hold no position in the party.

“Since when is a party member not able to work wherever work is?” he asked.

Told he was not viewed as an ordinary par­ty member, Enill said he had to treat with the “reality” and not the way the public still views him.

He said the reality was he was no longer in the leadership of the PNM or the government and was currently an energy and financial consultant.

“I work for governments, I work for political parties, for organisations and for private-sector companies. And Jack Warner is one of them,” he said matter-of-factly.

Asked whether he served as an adviser at any time to current Energy Minister Kelvin Ramnarine, Enill said he “talks to him from time to time” but had never been offered an advisory post by Ramnarine.

Enill said he was not involved in the politics (of either PNM or ILP), he was now merely building his professional practice. He said, therefore, he did not understand why people had a problem with that.

“(PNM leader) Dr (Keith) Rowley has been very specific in terms of changing the face of the PNM. He has a team that is working good. The PNM is doing great. This (his assignment with Warner) is a private, professional business matter that has nothing to do with anybody,” Enill said.

Enill, who also lectures at the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business, said he was travelling to Jamaica today on another assignment.

Enill, who was manager of the PNM’s 2010 general election campaign, resigned as chairman of the party in the wake of the 29-12 defeat.

He contested the position of education officer in the 2013 PNM internal election but lost to Anthony Garcia.

Enill said he has been unable to fulfil his duties as a general council member because whenever there are meetings, he is either out of the country or is lecturing. 

Rowley yesterday declined to comment on the matter.