Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Enterprise 'activist' held in Valsayn raid

A WELL-KNOWN "community activist" from Enterprise, Chaguanas was arrested on Thursday afternoon at a Spring Village, Valsayn house that was once occupied by Dolly Mootie, mother of executed murderer Nankissoon Boodram, alias "Dole Chadee".

Police said they found 25 grammes of marijuana and a Jeep Cherokee valued at $500,000 which is believed to have been stolen.

Around 5.30 p.m., a team of officers led by Snr Supt David Abraham, along with officers of the St Joseph CID, including Sgt Vetus Hernandez, as well as Northern Division Task Force and the Vehicle Robbery Squad descended on the Cooperative Street, Spring Village house and executed a search warrant for narcotics.

There they found the 46-year-old community activist, along with two other men—a Barbadian national, aged 39, of Half Moon Fort in Barbados, and a Guyanese national, aged 46, of Festival City, Georgetown.

Police said the two foreigners told them they were merely visiting the "community leader" that afternoon and had nothing to do with the stolen vehicle or the marijuana.

The Express understands that residents of Co-operative Street, Spring Village noticed the six-foot activist, who is also a businessman, coming in and out of the house over the last month.

When they realised who he was they decided to call the police.

The house, which up to last year was occupied by Mootie, ended up in the hands of other relatives when the elderly lady passed away last year.

Police also said that as a result of Thursday's arrest they may have stopped a car stealing ring after they arrested a 42-year-old man, of no-fixed-place of abode, around 9.50 a.m. at Lopinot Junction after he stole a car at First Street, Five Rivers, Arouca about half an hour earlier.

Police believed that he is associated with the three men who were held at the Spring Village house.