Wednesday, February 21, 2018

...Ex-MP not too popular in St Joseph

ST JOSEPH MP Herbert Volney did not seem too popular in at least three areas of the constituency when residents were interviewed yesterday.

The Express spoke to residents in St Joseph (proper), Champs Fleurs and “Bangladesh”, some of whom were negative while others supported him.

One woman seated in the porch of her Champs Fleurs apartment explained that the majority of St Joseph’s residents were not interested in hand-outs.

 “We want to know where his heart is because it’s like he does not know us. People here don’t really run down ‘ten days’ and we are not on CEPEP (Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme), but we are more about community and what would be better for all of us,” she said.

She explained that she and her neighbours hardly saw Volney over the last three years.

Volney’s house, located off Mendez Drive, Champs Fleurs, is a short walking distance from the woman’s apartment.

“Mr Volney has done nothing for us and I’ve been here for the last five years, so his expulsion from Parliament makes no sense to us,” she said.

She also described Volney’s treatment of Champs Fleurs while he was canvassing support for interim leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), Jack Warner, recently.

“This man described us... this area here, as Mt D’Or and environs, and we are a totally separate and apart community,” she said. “Read between the lines,” she added.

Still in Champs Fleurs, some people expressed a different sentiment stating that he was a good MP.

“I cannot bad-talk the man,” said a “PH” driver, “but works on, like, the drains and a proper water supply he didn’t do. But he eh really all that bad, eh.” He added, that the councillors should also do their part.

Meanwhile in St Joseph, there was no mixture of opinions about Volney; all interviewed were negative.

Popular “conscious” DJ Nyabinghi, who runs a shop in the area, gave the MP a thumbs-down.

“I have no apologies. He is a total waste of time. Coming from me, I rate him thumbs-down.”

Others expressed a similar sentiment.

“Look at this pothole here,” said another resident, as he pointed out an almost perfectly circular pothole along King Street.

“This man does pass here every Sunday when he goes to church and he eh see that and, besides that, look how much schools here,” said the man.

There are three primary schools and two secon­dary schools in the town of St Joseph.

In “Bangladesh”, which has become a newly regularised community within St Joseph, the sentiments were similar.

A resident in his car called out to the Express.

“I’ll vote for Jack (Warner), but not if they put back Volney. In fact, show meh proof of what he do, but the thing is he really eh do nothing for us, so People’s Partnership out of the question... ILP maybe and well the PNM (People’s National Movement) could take ah back-seat right now,” he said with a laugh.

Another resident, a woman in her small parlour, said, “I don’t like that man at all. Take a look at the road!”