Wednesday, January 24, 2018

‘Express’ tops all in readership

The Express continues to hold off all competitors for the largest share of the readership market in Trinidad and Tobago. 

In fact, the newspaper remains the number one choice of readers seven days a week, according to the latest Market Facts and Opinions (MFO) survey, the results of which were released yesterday. 

The latest results show once again that the One Caribbean Media (OCM) group continues to hold a firm grip, and has captured the largest audiences in print, television and radio, with its talk radio station, i95.5, outranking its competitors with 10 per cent of the overall audience share during the period surveyed.   

OCM is the parent company of the Caribbean Communications Network (CCN) which owns the Express, TV6 and i95.5, which was acquired in March last year. 

The 2013 MFO survey was conducted during the period June 23 to June 29  and was commissioned by the Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad and Tobago to get a better understanding of media consumption habits of the national audience so as to enable media managers and advertisers to make informed decisions. 

The survey found that over the seven-day period, TV6’s overall viewership went up by 40 per cent. This finding contradicts Flow data  which stated that CNC3 was leading since this was not reflected in the figures of the MFO survey.

What the MFO figures showed, however, was Crime Watch has boosted CNC3 viewership and has emerged as the number one programme of the top  20 programmes overall.

With regard to the news, both stations are running neck and neck during the week with CNC3 News and TV6 News now tied with the same number of viewers at 221,467. 

According to the survey, which used a Diary Sampling method, the Express  consistently dominated the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to Friday readership with  48 per cent of the market, with its closest rival Newsday trailing some 12 points behind, coming in second place with a 36 per cent Monday to Friday readership. The gap between the Express and the two other dailies widens even further on weekends with Newsday at 35 per cent on Saturdays and 32 per cent on Sundays.

The Guardian continues to limp along with a 16 per cent daily readership,  17 per cent on Saturdays, and  20 per cent on Sundays, according to the MFO survey. 

The survey also shows that more males—  44.48 per cent —  read the Daily Express as compared to 42.56 per cent females. This constitutes 43.51 per cent of the overall rating.  

In fact according to the survey, more males read the Daily Express than any other newspaper while more females, 52.01 per cent, read the Sunday Express. 

For the survey, 857 diaries were distributed throughout 76 locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Of those 643 were completed, giving a 75 per cent return.

 The margin of error is  plus or minus 3.9 per cent.