Sunday, February 25, 2018

...Eyewitness on plane: I was scared for flight attendant

One of the passengers aboard Caribbean Airlines flight BW 1519 in which Minister of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh was a passenger said yesterday she felt afraid for the flight attendant.

“The only reason some passengers didn’t physically tote him from the plane  is because he is a minister and you know how politics is in this country,” the eyewitness said.

Speaking with the Express at her Couva home yesterday afternoon on the condition of anonymity, the 42-year old woman, who is employed  with a  national security agency, said she was returning from Tobago and witnessed with “disgust” the “unprofessional and nasty” way Ramadharsingh conducted himself on board the flight.

As proof that she was present in the plane, the woman showed the Express her boarding pass, as well as her identification cards.

 “I was seated, as you can see, (pointing at the pass)  in the vicinity of  seat 15,” the eyewitness said. Ramadharsingh, she said was “a couple of seats away” from her.

“The flight attendants were so helpful and professional. When the melee started, I was shocked. A couple of people on board begged the minister to behave. Even a female near him tried to pacify him,”  the eyewitness said.

“But he continued speaking loudly and getting on as though he was home and yelling at a child. He .... seemed to be really out of it.

“I was disgusted. The woman spoke to him in a professional manner and I was stunned that he wasn’t complying with such basic instructions as sit down or secure your items,” the eyewitness said.”Imagine a flight attendant telling you these things and you are saying no. That’s madness,”  she said.

Adding that she has flown to several countries on work-related activities, the eyewitness said: “If this behaviour had happened in another country, guess what they call that?...a security breach”.

“The lady tried really hard to explain to the minister to move his bag to the opposite side of where he was seated and he refused.

“He was adamant that one, he will not move his bag and two, he wouldn’t switch seats and move away from the emergency exit,” she said.

After some time, the minister seemed to have settled down and the plane took off, the eyewitness said.

“As I was disembarking, there was a keepback at the exit and I saw some people pulling the minister away from the flight attendant whom the minister was arguing with.

“They were telling him ‘come on, come on let’s go’,” the eyewitness said.

Adding that she heard the minister say “your days are numbered”, the eyewitness said: “I became afraid for her due to his close proximity”.

“He eventually left and I saw the attendant pick up the phone inside the plane,” the eyewitness said.