Thursday, December 14, 2017

...Anti-crime plan was starting to work, says Al-Rawi

 The People’s National Movement had an anti-crime plan which was beginning to work only to have it dismantled and then hurriedly adopted again by the present administration, PNM public relations officer Faris Al-Rawi says.

He refered to the December 20 cocaine bust in Norfolk, Virginia, USA of 732 lbs of cocaine in juice cans shipped from Trinidad.

He described recent moves by Government to shore up the country’s infrastructure to monitor goods as they arrived and left the country as “a gimmick to catch up to the (United States Drug Enforcement Administration)”. 

The DEA currently has a number of agents in Trinidad and Tobago following the cocaine bust.

He said the PNM’s Offshore Patrol Vessels plan and the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago were scrapped by the People’s Partnership government.

He said the PNM also had plans for the Revenue Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We had a plan but now you have (narcotics) being intercepted but you never hear about people being held,” said Al-Rawi.

Party chairman Franklin Khan said nine years ago when he was the country’s Minister of Works there were plans to introduce scanners at the country’s main ports of entry but  these plans were thrown by the wayside.

“We were going ahead with the port scanners but the government is in office for three-and-a-half years with no scanners in place at the ports,” said Al-Rawi.