Friday, January 19, 2018

Family left confused

‘...torn apart by actions of 1 man’

The day after 54-year-old pastor Vish­nu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh killed his 44-year-old brother, Kishan Lutchmansingh, and then committed suicide, relatives were still struggling to come to terms with the tra­gic incident.

On Monday morning, Vishnu Lutchmansingh went to his brother’s garden, along David Toby Trace, Chin Chin Road, Cunupia, and shot Kishan several times to his head and chest.

He then made his way to his Savary Extension Road, Las Lomas #1, home where he proceeded to burn down the building while still inside.

Before he went home, along the way, Vishnu Lutchmansingh also attempted to run down one of his nephews with his vehicle.

Speaking to members of the media yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park, relatives of the two deceased men said the entire incident had left the family in a state of shock as they did not understand what could have pushed the pastor so far over the edge—to kill his bro­ther, attempt to kill his nephew, then take his own life. 

“You see us here, this is a family torn apart by the actions of one man. We don’t know why he did this and, honestly, only God alone knows what tripped in his mind to do what he did,” said Amos Dadbahal, a nephew of the deceased brothers.

 “To me (Vishnu Lutchman­singh), was always a bit violent and always a mean-spirited man. That is how I know him. He always has words for people for the slightest of things. I never know him different from that, despite being a pastor. 

“But you know how human behaviour is, nah; just cause he was a bad person to me, doesn’t mean he was a bad person overall. Because if you asked my aunt, she will always say he was good to some people and bad to some people. That was just how he was,” he added. 

“But while I never saw him as a good person, I could stand here and honestly say I never expected him to do what he did. To shoot people, or try to run over people, or even burn up himself in the house. We just didn’t see it in him. He always had harsh words for people, but words are words so we used to ignore him.

 “My aunts and them always used to talk to him and tell him calm down and don’t let his anger get the better of him. But even knowing all that, none of us, none of us ever thought we would be here today. 

“We never thought he was capable of something like this, not at all. But I don’t care what went through his mind to cause this, in no form or fashion, for whatever reason, should he have taken somebody’s life, worse yet, his brother’s,” stated the ne­ph­ew. 

 Dadbahal said Kishan was a “good uncle” to him and was the backbone of the family as he always was the person his cousins and aunts turned to whenever there was a problem. 

“He was always there for everyone, always that foundation you could rely on to support you. But to me, specifically, he was always a good person to me. I’m not going to lie, he had his ups and downs like everyone else; he was only human after all. 

“But, recently, he was really trying to be a better person and it was only about three days ago, he was telling me that he gonna try and bring the family back together so we could all be one again because we had petty little squabbles that were coming between us, and he didn’t like that.”

According to police reports, on Monday morning, Kishan and three friends went to the garden near his home. 

At about 10 a.m., they heard seve-ral gunshots and when they checked, they saw Vishnu Lutchmansingh shooting at the tyres and windshield of Kishan’s silver Nissan Almera car. 

Vishnu Lutchmansingh then walked up to his brother and shot him once in the head.

As he collapsed in the field, Vish­nu Lutchmansingh shot Kishan several times in his chest.

 The pastor then calmly returned to his car and drove back to his home.

 On his return journey, Lutchmansingh saw his nephew, Timothy Janitan, also of David Toby Trace, walking towards his home. 

He sped up on seeing Janitan and attempted to plough his Nissan Wingroad station wagon into him.

 Janitan tried to escape by jumping into a drain at the side of the road. However, he was still struck and sustained serious leg injuries.

Vishnu Lutchmansingh then continued on his way.  

Police said shortly before reaching his home, Vishnu Lutchman­singh crashed the vehicle into a ditch in front of a metal boom which blocks entry into the property.

He then made his way inside and, shortly after, his neighbours noticed the home was on fire. Vishnu Lutchmansingh made no attempt to escape. 

Up to late yesterday, police sour­ces said they had not yet received the autopsy report to determine if Vish­nu Lutchmansingh had killed himself before the fire he set could engulf the house. 

Investigations are continuing.