Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Family shocked

Man, 54, beaten to death


Mark Fraser

DULRAJ Boyan Deodath, 54, was a long-serving member of the Jesus is the Answer (JITA) Ministries in Diego Martin.

Neighbours said Deodath embodied the Christian lifestyle.

“Loving, generous, helpful and kindhearted” were some of the adjectives family members used yesterday to describe him.

Deodath’s name has however now been added to the growing list of murder victims in this country for the year.

Deodath was beaten to death inside his bedroom in what detectives believe was a robbery.

A bloody hammer was recovered near Deodath’s body.

Investigators are now searching for Deodath’s Toyota Dyna truck, TBE 1136, which is missing from his garage.

Detectives believe if they can locate the truck they can find Deodath’s killers.

Deodath was the fourth of ten children.

He was the firstborn son.

Deodath was a businessman who owned a couple trucks and did transport.

He was also a mechanic.

Deodath’s sister, Elsie, was one of the last family members to see him alive.

Elsie yesterday spoke to the Express at her mother’s home located at Sea Trace, Bagatelle in Diego Martin.

The house is a stone’s throw away from where Deodath lived by himself.

On Friday Deodath was doing work on Elsie’s Kia Pride and offered to drop her to work.

He was supposed to pick her up on Saturday morning.

Elsie called his cellphone around 8.30 a.m. to tell him she was ready to leave.

“The first call I made was like 8.30 to pick me up from work and the phone was answered and it sounded like it was answered by a little child, so I asked to speak to Boyan and the child remained like he was playing on the phone so I locked it off and I called the house line and I got no answer, I did it twice,” Elsie said.

Elsie said she found it strange that Deodath did not answer the phone or at least return her call because he was always dependable.

What was really puzzling however is that Deodath had not visited his 77-year-old mother Sukyhia Ramkillawan.

“Every morning the first thing he would do when he get up he will drive up here to where his mother living to bring the daily papers,” Elsie said.

“Saturday morning we did not see him, he did not pass and check my mother, nothing,” she said.

Family members kept calling Deodath but without success.

“Everybody was trying to get in touch with him, my mother, my brother-in-law so everybody kept calling him,” Elsie said.

While on his way to work one of Deodath’s brothers, named Ramesh, passed the house and saw the gate open.

He called out to Deodath but got no reply.

“Ramesh had a strange feeling and he called my brother-in-law and told him ‘Roberto I passed by Boyan and the whole place open and the van not there, call him and check nah’ because that don’t happen,” Elsie said.

“My mother kept waiting to see if he would pass. She told my brother-in-law Roberto ‘I not hearing anything from Boyan, better you go down and check’,” he said.

Roberto walked to Deodath’s home.

He entered the opened door to Deodath’s kitchen and walked into the house.

When he reached the bedroom he saw Deodath lying on the bed with blood around.

The family went to the police.

“My mom alone was home and they did not want to tell her anything,” Elsie said.

Sgt Grant and Cpl Linton discovered Deodath dead in his bedroom.

Family and friends described the situation as “shocking”.

“It is a strange situation, everybody still in shock the way it happened,” Elsie said.

Anyone with information relating to the disappearance of Deodath’s Toyota Dyna, TBE 1136, is asked to call the West End Police Station at 637-4226.