Sunday, January 21, 2018

Family ‘spent three hours calling police’

Death of Knolly Hudlin


Stabbed: Knolly Hudlin

Mark Fraser

FOR over three hours on Carnival Tuesday, the family of murder victim Knolly Hudlin called the police located around the corner to come to their home and arrest a close male relative who had breached a protection order.

The man was sitting on their property in Penal. 

The suspect, who had a history of violence, sat in the yard while several family members stayed behind the locked burglar-proofed gates, waiting for the police to arrive. 

They never came to arrest the suspect, a relative of Hudlin’s said yesterday. Instead, Hudlin was stabbed to death when he came out of the house to reason with the killer.

Police turned up at the home—less than 300 metres from the station—only after he had been stabbed. 

The relative, who did not wish to be named, said: “If the police had come out of the station and walked down to our house, he (Hudlin) would have still been alive. We can see the police station from the house. (The suspect) would have left the yard when he saw police and our lives would not have been turned upside down.” 

Hudlin, 62, was stabbed to death around 2.30 p.m. 

Hudlin’s wife, Fern Ryan, said when she saw the suspect on Tuesday, she called the Penal Police Station and informed them he had breached the protection order and had come onto their premises. 

Other members of the household had been calling the police since 11 a.m., but officers responded they did not have a vehicle to come to the house. 

The relative told the Express that after the suspect stabbed Hudlin, he (the suspect) left the yard and walked down the street. “We heard that even with all the blood on his clothes, about half an hour after the murder he stopped by a parlour to buy a bread and cheese and a soft drink.

“The police we flagged down, we were begging them to go back and arrest him. When they left the house, they went in the opposite direction,” he said. 

“Every day since, he has been calling the family and threatening to kill everyone but his nephew. I have been sleeping with a cutlass in the porch because everyone thinks he will come back and try to kill again,” said the rela­tive. 

A funeral service for Hudlin, a father of six, is expected to be held this weekend. 

The suspect, meanwhile, remains at large.