Saturday, December 16, 2017

Family loses home to fire on day dad died

A Penal family suffered a double tragedy, as their home was destroyed by fire on the same day the patriarch died from health complications.

Sooknanan Siew, 74, was cremated following a funeral service at the burnt-out site yesterday.

Siew, of Bunsee Trace, Penal, died in a downstairs room at his home around 5.30am.

An hour after his body was removed by undertakers, Siew's two-storey wooden house ignited.

Relatives said the fire started in Siew's bedroom upstairs.

Premchand Bhajan, a relative, said several people were in the house when the fire started. "But they could not save anything. They lost everything in the fire. Clothes, school books, money, everything," he said.

Siew and his wife, Meena Sooknanan, lived upstairs. The couple's son, Krishna Sooknanan, his wife Ashmattie and their son Keshav, six, occupied the ground floor.

The Express learned that a quantity of cash, which was withdrawn from the bank on the same day Siew died, was also burnt.

"The family took out that money from the bank for the funeral. It was already Friday and they knew the bank will be closed at the weekend so they went and take out the money one time. That money burnt out too," a relative said.

Siew's wife has relocated to her daughter's home, while Sooknanan and his family moved in with other relatives.

Fire officers believe the fire was caused by faulty electrical wires.