Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Family wants rest of victim's body

...seeking closure


CORPSE mutilated: Shinelle Nelson

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RELATIVES of mutilated murder victim Shinelle Nelson, 21, said they wanted to find the rest of her body so that the family would have some closure with regard to her death, who killed her and why.

Nelson's partially-decomposed and dismembered corpse was seen around 1 p.m. on Wednesday in the Guayamare River off Old Southern Main Road, Cunupia.

That afternoon, a team of police officers, led by Snr Supt Johnny Abraham and Sgt Jerry Hosein, recovered the body, but her head, arms and feet had been chopped off.

Up to last night the rest of the woman's body remained missing, according to Central Division officers.

Police described the body as that of a light-skinned female, with a tattoo of a heart with wings on her lower back and a spider tattoo on her thigh.

Nelson's relatives read about the finding of the body after she went missing when she left her home at Dillon Street, Diego Martin last Saturday night to attend the Trini Posse fete in Chaguaramas, following which she was supposed to go to the Insomnia breakfast party in O2 Park, also in Chaguaramas.

The Express attempted to interview Nelson's mother and sister, but they insisted that to go over the details of how she went missing would be too painful for them.

Speaking yesterday was Nelson's cousin, Evans Petamber, whose wife Stacy Ramdeen died on November 8 last year, after police raided his Caroni home.

"We are at a loss right now to find out what happened," said Petamber.

"I hope the police will be returning to the scene with tracking dogs and so on because we want closure because right now we cannot even say what happened. All we know is that she left on Saturday to go to a party and when she did not come home everyone thought she was by a friend."

Petamber said Nelson worked at one of his business places, a mini-mart and wholesale outlet on Diego Martin Main Road, and "she did her job diligently and she always kept business-like because she was more or less a very serious person who was always furthering her education and so on."

Nelson attended classes at the School of International Travel and Languages (SITAL) at Tunapuna.

Enquiries are continuing.