Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fans enjoy the finale

...Sunday lunch and the game on the Promenade

GERMANY’S local fan base were brutal against their Argentinian counterparts yesterday afternoon as the country that gave the world sausage and great cars eventually left Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro stadium with Argentina’s thunder and the hopes and dreams of many a local fan.

The scene at TGI Friday’s, Queen’s Park, Port of Spain, appeared to be a microcosm of Trinidad and Tobago’s support of the two global football giants.

Even couples were evenly divided as women who may have previously ignored the almost month-long football extravaganza as “a man thing” have now become avid, vocal, sometimes emotional, very knowledgeable fans of the beautiful game.

Their boyfriends and husbands appeared happy over this relatively new development.

There were no goals in the first and second half of the game (for those in the vast minority who were not watching) and therefore although there were some shrieks it was only for near goal misses and fouls.

Garvelle Grant, a supporter of team Germany, evidenced by the tricolour flag painted on her face cheek, said she backed Germany throughout the world cup and was no, “bandwagonist”.

Bandwagonists were present, however, much to the annoyance of World Cup purists as they shouted when there were near-goal misses in both directions.

The true fans, however, remained close to the television sets by the bar. They kept their eyes glued to the screens, following the players with eyes as wide as a hungry, un-fed stray cat in the National Fisheries compound...after a good haul.

One man who did not want to be named, demanded the Express take no more photos as he sprinted to his car to get, “meh Germany jersey. Allyuh wait there yuh know. Ah comin.” The Express obliged.

True to his word he ran back into the restaurant with a black Germany shirt and got his photo taken with his friends who now welcomed him to the German side.

Another man who appeared middle-aged in company with a much younger woman clad in yellow objected to his photo being taken but eventually left amid cheers from the crowd who informed him that almost all bars in the country were off limits to couples who wanted some alone time.

“Today is World Cup finals, soldier...allyuh find a hotel,” said one woman as the annoyed couple left.