Friday, December 15, 2017

Fans on the Promenade firmly behind Argentina

ARGENTINA football fans cheered louder than Netherlands supporters in Port of Spain yesterday, during the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final,

as a well-matched game ended with a penalty shoot-out between two giants in the football world.

The stage was TV6’s large screen at Express House, Independence Square in Port of Spain.

Brief but heavy showers in the capital city did not stop scores of football fans from coming out.

“That World Cup staying in South

America,” said Argentina fan Jimmy. “Yes, the Netherlands people crying...allyuh feel it’s ah crap side like Brazil? Argentina all the way.”

“It’s not like I love the Argentina side just so because for years, they have been a good side and any time (Lionel) Messi getting goal, it just made Argentina a stronger team,” said Jimmy.

The Netherlands supporters were not in a commenting mood.

They remained quiet, but it appeared their love shifted away from the Netherlands to Germany after the penalty shoot-out that saw Argentina emerge victorious.

“Were you backing the Nether­lands?” the Express asked a man qui­et­ly and he replied quietly, “Yes.”

“My team is Germany,” said another man who did not want to be named.

“Any team that cannot score in regular time cannot beat Germany,” he said firmly.

This sparked anger among Argentina fans who looked at the man firmly as he repeated his love and apparent admiration for the German team.

Another man sporting his Argentina shirt appeared incensed.

Ian McConney shouted back at his German counterpart fan, “From day one, Argentina winning the World Cup. I done talk. I am wearing my jersey any time I can. I will go home and wash it and wear it again because I watch that game with Messi and Argentina dangerous.”

He continued, “Allyuh see what they did to will be a South American revenge on Sunday.”