Thursday, February 22, 2018

Female suspect released

Stabbing death of Jamaican security guard

A 37-YEAR-old Jamaican woman detained by police for a week and questioned about the stabbing death of security Michael Williams, was released from custody yesterday.

The suspect, a mother of twin girls, who lived with Williams and his sisters at an apartment at Union Road, Marabella, was released without charge.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Joan Honore-Paul instead instructed that a coroner's inquest be held into Williams' death.

Police said that Honore-Paul found there was not evidence to charge the suspect with a crime.

Williams' mother, Janet Harriet, said yesterday that she was shocked that no one was charged for her son's death.

"I cannot understand why. How could they do that?" said Harriet.

A bag containing the clothing belonging to the woman who stabbed Williams on January 22, was placed in the driveway of the apartment.

The suspect left the Marabella Police Station yesterday morning in the company of police officers, but up until midday, she had not turned up at the Marabella apartment to see her twins.

Harriet, along with Williams' two sisters, Dacy-Ann, 20, and Denise, 18, were visited yesterday by Inspector Sharon Cooper and Corporal Terry Tambie of the Homicide Division.

The twin infant girls, Mikaylee and Mikayla, were in the apartment at the time.

Harriet, who arrived from Jamaica on Wednesday, told the media that she did not know what was in store for the babies' future, but she was willing to take care of them.

The family was also visited by two members of the Marabella Family Crisis Centre.