Friday, January 19, 2018

Fired director hits back at Fuad

 Former Eastern Re­gional Health Authority (ERHA) director Kiel Tak­lalsingh, who was fired because his beha­viour was deemed rude by Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan, has fired back at the minister.

In a statement yester­day, Taklalsingh said he felt compelled to respond to Khan’s statement in an interview in the Saturday Express, in which the min­-

ister stated he had diffi­cul­ties working with Taklal­singh. 

The director was one

of two ERHA board mem­bers fired on April 3.

The other was Nazimul Ali. 

Taklalsingh has com­plained in a letter to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar about a number of issues affecting the ERHA. 

According to him, “This is the third instance (Khan) has made what I perceive to be improper comments as it relates to my directorship.

“Firstly, with respect to the minister’s assertion that I have been rude; I wish to state that if the

defi­nition of rude is to insist on proper proce­dure, adherence to law and telling those in autho­rity that you disa­gree with them when you have a good basis to do so, then I am rude. 

“However, it is passing strange that in an earli­er public statement (Guar­di­an article entitled ‘Fuad backs Ameena’, dated March 22, 2014), the min­-

ister intimated that direc­tors were being removed for having a problem with the CEO following pro­cedure. 

“However, now, he asserts that I am being fired because I was rude. In law, we call such a sce­-

nario a material in­consis­tency, which is usually indicative of fabrication, and I openly invite the minister to point to any instance of either.”

Taklalsingh, an attor­ney, added: “If the direc­torate wanted ‘yes-men’ to sit on boards, then it should not select attorneys to do so. An attorney’s role in sitting on a board is to identify pos­sible legal risks and potential non-compliance with laws.

That is all I have done in this matter. 

“As an attor­ney, I am trained to think inde­pendently and to voice concerns in a per­suasive yet respectful way. That is what I have done.”