Monday, January 22, 2018

Fish Landing Facility, Energy Port to open

THE US$5 million port facility in Guayaguayare, completed two years ago but never occupied, is expected to be opened in one month’s time. Both the Fish Landing Facility and the Energy Port at Galeota will be opened simultaneously. National Energy is responsible for the two facilities.

Last Friday, Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Land and Marine Resources Jairam Seemungal, Public Utilities Minister Nizam Baksh and Member of Parliament for the area Winston Peters, visited the site. Earlier this year, Guayaguayare fishermen said they were not satisfied with the facility.

They have not been using it for more than a year because better infrastructure was needed. Construction began in 2011 and was completed in 2012 said Wendy Seow, National Energy’s manager of corporate communication and administration. Francis Arjoon, president of the Guayaguayare Ortoire/Mayaro Fisherfolk Association had said that fisherfolk needed gas and ice.

Facilities for these were lacking at the site built by foreign company GLF Construction Corporation. Seemungal said yesterday: “We met with parties concerned. One major issue they were concerned about is the ramp leading up to the port itself which in their estimation was not adequately built for the manual operations which they do right now.

We agree that we are going to rectify that and they wanted a board on the inside of each of the lockers so they can hang their engines and a couple other minor issues but the major issues will be addressed before the opening of it.” Seemungal said a one-kilometre jetty was also requested but that would have cost a lot more.

He said: “We can look at that. We are going to see how these are working out first and then we look at additional infrastructure after we open.” The minister said it would not cost much more to make the requested changes. He said: “ I don’t think it will be too much but it is necessary.”