Sunday, February 18, 2018

Five-month-old baby girl succumbs to injuries


DEAD: Jessica Mohammed

Mark Fraser

A five-month-old baby girl, who was critically injured in a crash a week ago, died at the San Fernando General Hospital on Sunday.

Baby Jessica Mohammed suffered severe internal injuries and remained in a comatose state until her death at 9.30 a.m. Her parents, who were also passengers in the car, suffered injuries.

Antonia Mohammed, her mother, was treated for a broken nose and discharged from hospital last Wednesday.

The baby’s father, 30-year-old Selly Mohammed, remains in stable condition at hospital. He suffered a broken jaw and left leg.

Driver of the white Toyota Cressida car in which they were passengers, Mark Ramdass, also suffered broken bones and was at hospital last evening.

The couple and their child were returning home when the accident occurred two Sundays ago. 

Their 17-month-old son was at his grandparents’ home at the time.

Police said Ramdass was driving his car along the SS Erin Road, in Santa Flora, when his vehicle collided with a truck. 

Baby Jessica was seated in the back seat with her mother, while her father was in the front passenger seat 

Antonia Mohammed, 21, said, “We just collected my husband, a crab catcher, from work and were going home. The truck overtake a car and hit us. I was holding the baby and she flew out of my hand. She landed between the two front seats. The baby was unconscious. I was screaming for her to wake up,” she said.

The injured were taken to the Siparia Health Facility and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Mohammed said her family was traumatised by the baby’s death. “I told my husband yesterday and he is in a mess, He cannot come to terms with this...none of us can. It is the worst feeling ever,” she cried.

Mohammed said her husband was working hard to build a house for his family and buy his own car. The couple were married three years ago.

The couple had planned a grand celebration for their children’s birthday on December 10. “She was born on the same day as her brother, Jason. She would have been one on his second birthday,” she said.

An autopsy will be performed at the San Fernando mortuary today.



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